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Plant Information: Cardaria draba

Hoary Cress Hoary cress is a non-native invasive plant that is native to Europe and was probably introduced to the United States in the late 19th century. It is a deep rooted creeping perennial mustard plant that grows up to 2 feet tall. In general, plants have a gray-green, soft hairy appearance, hence the name hoary. This plant reproduces by seed and through its roots. Lateral roots grow for long distances and then produce more plants. Severed root fragments only 1.3cm long can regenerate into new plants if they are left within the upper soil surface. Plants have many white flowers with four petals, giving the plant a white, flat-topped appearance. The fruit is heart shaped, each usually containing two seeds. Hoary cress is a very aggressive plant that will eventually eliminate desirable vegetation. The plant is common on alkaline and disturbed soils. If you see this plant, PLEASE report it!

If you see this plant, please report the location to wma@smslrwma.org. If you are uncertain of your identification of this plant contact us or the County Agriculture Office. Also check out our images of hoary cress (see above).